Electrocuted in Cabo San Lucas

 Both of my parents were electrocuted sitting in a jacuzzi at the Villa Del Arco resort in Los Cabo, Mexico. My mom felt a vibration and said something isn’t right and then started screaming in pain and then became completely paralyzed and couldn’t move or speak. My dad could not move his legs but his adrenaline kicked in and he was able to roll to his side to grab my mom, his legs completely paralyzed, but was able to escape the jacuzzi and save my moms life. Once out of the jacuzzi, my mom and dad laid on the ground, not being able to move, until help finally came. They are all at the local hospital now and everyone is going to be okay but we are all still in shock, terrified, and confused something like this could happen.

The one jacuzzi is being drained, however the pool and all other jacuzzis are still open and the hotel managers are not notifying any other hotel guests that 4 guests almost died at their resort.

We are not sure what to do now if anyone has any advice, but hope no one else gets electrocuted at Villa Del Arco.

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