Proposal: Change the name of Baja California Sur to just "California"

Journalist Cuauhtemac Morgan has resumed a campaign in which he is proposing by legal means that the state of Baja California Sur change its name to California, so he is already insisting to the local house of representatives.

Last year, he introduced a citizens' initiative for Baja California Sur's representatives to issue a decree changing the state's name to just "California".

Morgan has campaigned in the media saying that history proves him right, so "it is time for our state to return to its original name and stop calling it just BAJA".

BAJA is a commercial name linked to tourist promotion that has nothing to do with this region, whose real name is California, "the original California".

Despite the fact that this initiative was presented last year, it has not yet been decided by the commissions in local Congress. That is why the journalist insists that it should go into analysis and define if they will modify the name of the free and sovereign state of Baja California Sur, "reduce it only to California, because that is its original name".

This has caused a controversy, because a huge amount of local people through Facebook, have told Cuauhtemac Morgan that they do not agree with this proposal.

Although writers, intellectuals and university professors support the journalist's initiative and consider that Baja California Sur should change its name to just California.

The name "California" was given by the Spaniards to the peninsula.

Carlos Lazcano, director of the Ensenada History Museum, agrees with Cuauhtemoc Morgan's proposal and through a video explains that the journalist is right.

The first geographical place where this name was used was in Cabo San Lucas, which originally according to the first maps of the place, was called "Cabo California" in 1535.

The documents and the final decision on this matter, is in the hands of the House of Representatives of Baja California Sur in La Paz.

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