Thousands of sailors leave for 7-month deployment on USS Roosevelt

Thousands of sailors left Naval Air Base Coronado Friday afternoon, to embark on a seven-month deployment to the Indo-Pacific Region.

Its colossal presence is intimidating. Impressive. Indisputable.

“We comprise the most mobile, most capable, and most lethal fighting force on the entire planet,” Captain Brett Crozier, Commanding Officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, said.

But the strength of the ship isn’t in the hardware. It’s in the 6,000 sailors who will call it home for the next seven months. Friday is their farewell to their families.

“Already I’ve been crying like all day,” Stephanie Hastings said. The young mother of two is saying goodbye to her husband, Christopher, for the first time. This is the 26-year-old’s first deployment. Emotions overcome her, even though her toddlers do not understand.

“He [three-year-old Mason] doesn’t really know what’s going on. He said he wants to go to Target today. He doesn’t want to come here,” Hastings laughed.

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