Today Lopez Obrador announced that Mexico is going to raffle off the presidential plane

In front of journalists, early today President Lopez Obrador announced that the presidential plane will be raffled off, after the options for its sale or rental have not materialized.

Now the idea is that the plane will be raffled off and that all the money collected will be used to buy equipment for hospitals.

López Obrador said he is considering raffling Boeing 787 Dreamliner,  a symbol of excess and corruption in previous governments in a country where around half the population lives in poverty.

Under the plan, the country would sell 6 million raffle tickets at 500 pesos each ($27). Lopez Obrador has said the plane is a poor use of resources in a country where many live in poverty.

The U.N., commissioned by the Mexican government to appraise the presidential plane, put a $130 million tag on the aircraft, considerably below the price paid for it two administrations ago.

If the president decides on a raffle, he said he’d throw in the cost of maintenance for up to two years in case the winner doesn’t have the funds for upkeep.

Lopez Obrador views the plane, which was reconfigured from its original design to seat 80 and include a spacious presidential suite, as just one example of the many excesses enjoyed by previous administrations.

Today was presented the design of the ticket whose raffle has been tentatively scheduled for next May 5, although the date may change, because there are still many adjustments to be made to carry out the draw.

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