A beach in Oaxaca disappears in front of hundreds of tourists + VIDEO

Last Friday, about 220 yards of beach disappears in Puerto Escondido, before the eyes of tourists who watched and film the event.

It is the beach known as "Marinero", which was crumbling as the waves of the sea advanced towards the area where local families and tourists enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.

The local authorities did not restrict the use of this beach, but placed warning signs on the site, when they learned of the event when the videos began to be showed on Facebook.

Civil Protection of Oaxaca explained that this phenomenon of erosion of the coast is caused by the high tide that modifies the levels, according to the gravity of the moon and the sun, so there is nothing to fear, just be careful.

This was an extraordinary phenomenon on the coast of Oaxaca.

Although Puerto Escondido is an area of much seismic activity, the phenomenon of high tide is for another reason.

In April 2012, a similar beach extension disappeared in Los Frailes, south of Cabo Pulmo in Baja California Sur. Millions of tons of sand went to the Gulf of California. The scientific explanation was the same.

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