An artist of excellence in rural San Jose del Cabo!

Better known as Tony Rubalcaba, he lives in the rural zone near San Jose del Cabo. He has been creating for over 30 years inspired mainly by the stark beauty of the Baja California peninsula.

His crafts are mostly creations with cactus (and other plants) from the Baja desert, and take inspiration from the native cultures of the region.

On the way to San Felipe you can find Tony's place of work and creation. Can find ornamental pieces carved in wood, palm objects, jobs with tanned leather, brass and glass, furniture and textiles.

As an example, works the wood of the ironwood. It has always been an important element of the life of the natives of Baja California.

A few years ago, it was used as coal because it lasted a lot, as it is one of the hardest woods that exist, hence its name. It looks like ebony, is glassy in consistency, has no betas or pores, so it is virtually immune to the effects of moisture. The ironwood is so dense that it does not float in water, but sinks.

His handicrafts and paints of the barren desert, mountains, and cliff top views of surf pounding over the coastline, show his keen perception of the spectacular contrasting environment that is Baja.

He also specializes in creating California-themed figures with the fine sand of the desert.

Over the decades Tony Rubalcaba has had exhibitions in Loreto, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

If you are interested in one of Tony Rubalcaba's creations, please call 624 234 7590.

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