Angry Mexicans for rude behavior of this GRINGO

Social networks exploded on Saturday afternoon, after a woman reported that a U.S. Citizen had behaved rudely towards her, after she called his attention to him for bringing his ATV to "Los Mangos" beach, which is a turtle nesting site.

This is the woman's story:

Today me my 3 y/o daugter and her mother were threatened by a older man *see in the photos). He said he would drive into us and made sure that he had a gun in his bag as you may know in Mexico is highly illegal to port a gun with you, is not like in the US. HE even drove into us to made us scared me with my daughter in arms. Today as usual in the beach nearest my home in Todos santos (Los mangos) i was walking with my 3 y/o daughter and her mother and was surprised finding many dead baby turtles in the sand under 4 wheel vehicles prints, which made me feel furious and sad about disrespectful people to nature.

i Saw this man driving full on in the beach and i asked him if he knew that is illegal to drive in the beach, he laughed at me and saying he lives here and that he has employed many mexicans. i let him know that is illegal and that there are clear signs about not driving rvs, cars and 4 wheels in the beach. He didnt care and responded in a very agressive way threating us saying that he has a gun and that if he was 20 years younger i would be dead already, i asked him to remove his vehicle from the beach and he told us to move or he would drive into us, and he did tried at least to scare us. this is not ok, we are a little family and the only thing i asked it is to respect the signs and respect nature, here is where i live and im not going to shut up. He drove on the beach screaming a f'''k you and giving us the finger.

I dont know who he is, but i warn you about him.

Here is the photos, of the wheel prints of many of irresponsible (foregners mostly) who dont care about nature, locals, and peaceful life here. the dead baby turtles after vehicles drove on them and the photo of the guy threating us this day in los mangos beach.

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