Do you think the United States plans to annex Baja?

Although this is a very long history, which has its antecedents in the 19th century, there are sectors of the Republican Party and large U.S. companies that have pushed for the annexation of Baja.

President Lopez Obrador has already said that in American campaigns there are always many passions... To which he will not respond.

One of the most direct statements in this regard was made by the expansionist Patrick Buchanan in March 1996, where he also addressed the issue of Greenland:

In addition, he said, the United States could buy Greenland from its owner, Denmark, and could forgive Mexico’s U.S. debts in exchange for Baja, the gold-rich peninsula that stretches south of the California border.

That is why many analysts believe  that it is not fortuitous that last year Donald Trump made a statement on Greenland and immediately, Manuel Suarez-Mier, a former Mexican diplomat returned to insist on Baja. See what he published last August in Asia Times:

With the accumulated evidence of López giving to Trump everything he wants, despite his mistreatment and insults to Mexicans and their country, and now that he seems interested in acquiring additional real estate for the US, the obvious move would be to offer to purchase Baja California, which at 143,389 square kilometers is 5% larger than the Italian peninsula, with the threat of more tariffs or of closing down the border, as he has intimated in the past.

I suspect that many inhabitants of Baja would welcome becoming the 51st state of the US under the expectation that the value of their properties would increase sharply, which is likely to occur, only because they ignore how Mexican property owners and native Americans were mistreated in the huge annexation mentioned above, a horror story that is bound to be repeated in the event of this takeover ever occurring.

Will this issue return to the political campaigns of the United States this 2020?

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