Journalist dies in strange circumstances in Cabo San Lucas

Yesterday morning, the lifeless body of a journalist was left outside the Red Cross building in an annexe to the Municipal Delegation offices.

Witnesses say the body was abandoned by three people who pulled it out of a car and then left the scene.

The Red Cross paramedics, upon examination, confirmed that he was dead.

He was the 23-year-old journalist Ramon Lugo Gutierrez, who had been taken by his relatives to an addiction care center a few days earlier because he has problems.

This center is called "Despertar" and is located in the Jardines del Sol neighborhood.

From there was taken to the Red Cross, where he was abandoned.

Being a well-known person in the city, society demands that the causes of his death be clarified and that these intervention centers, which operate without the supervision of health office authorities, be monitored.

The Attorney General's Office is investigating the causes of this journalist's death.

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