More Lopez Obrador promises for Baja California Sur

Yesterday, Friday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador  held two public activities in the capital of Baja California Sur, where he made several promises mainly for the care of the environment, water supply and electric energy.

On the issue of electric energy, he said that to avoid blackouts they are going to bring diesel turbine equipment and that will end the problems in the summer.

By the year 2023, in La Paz, a new power plant will be finished. That will run on gas and will be much more environmentally friendly.

This will end the smoke emissions that pollute the bay of La Paz and affect the population.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador also announced that desalination plants will soon be built in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, so that families will not lack water, especially in the city of Cabo San Lucas which is the most populated in Los Cabos municipality.

In Baja California Sur the federal government has not initiated infrastructure works as if previous governments had done so. They cut funds for roads, health, education, security.

The scholarship program for young people has not been extended to all municipalities and the only actions being taken are paving in colonies in Cabo San Lucas.

Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, is since yesterday the President of the National Council of Governors of Mexico (CONAGO) and received the congratulations of Lopez Obrador.

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