One person is dead and five wounded after a shooting on a Greyhound bus in California. A suspect is in custody.

A Greyhound bus en route from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area became a crime scene on Monday after a gunman opened fire inside, injuring six people, some seriously. One person has since died, a female.

A passenger opened fire shortly before 1:30 local time, when the bus was traveling on a highway near Fort Tejon road in Kern County. It is not clear why the suspect began the rampage.

“The bus driver acted quickly and was able to pull over and stop,” California Highway Patrol Sergeant Brian Pennings said. The suspect then left the bus “voluntarily without further incident,” and was taken into custody, Pennings stated.

Before exiting the bus, the suspect left his handgun inside, where it was later picked up by police.

Footage from the scene shows police swarming a parked Greyhound bus, which had been cordoned off by police.

There were 40 passengers on the bus when the shooting happened. A woman was pronounced dead at the scene, while five other passengers were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

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