Plane skids off runway in Istanbul, breaks into two

A passenger plane has overrun runway at Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparent footage from the scene shows the aircraft broken into two pieces with flames emitting from its fuselage.

The incident occurred at the international airport on Wednesday. The domestic flight from Izmir overran the runway during landing, according to local media reports.

Footage from the scene shows the plane, belonging to the low-cost Turkish airline Pegasus, broken into several pieces with flames coming from its fuselage.

People were seen evacuating through a large crack in the aircraft’s side.

The plane broke into at least three large pieces, footage from the scene shows. The cockpit apparently became completely detached from the rest of the frame and was seen lying upside down by the plane’s side.

The plane had 177 people on board, Turkey’s Minister of Transport Cahit Turhan told CNN Turk. Despite the hair-raising damage, the official added that no-one was killed, though an unspecified number of people are believed to be injured.

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