That's amazing! -- A Ball of Fire Passed over the Sky in La Paz (+VIDEO)

A large fireball illuminated the night sky in La Paz at 7:25 PM. Eyewitnesses say they heard a strange noise and saw a bright light in the sky, and the fireball came down to the ground.

Reporter Erick Leon from the "Noticias La Paz" news site, managed to record with his cell phone the passage of this fireball over the city of La Paz towards the south.

Several vehicles stopped and the drivers got out to observe the strange phenomenon that surprised them on avenida de Los Deportistas and Bordo, near the Salvatierra Hospital General.

This is not the first time that a similar phenomenon occurs in La Paz.

This meteorite, according to what the same witnesses say, could have fallen in the area known as El Carrizal.

The meteor is a phenomenon that occurs when a solid body (meteorite) enters the Earth's atmosphere. They move at high speed when entering the Earth's atmosphere. The light that is visible is due to ionization, not friction, as is commonly believed. The white smoke that meteors leave behind sometimes can be seen for a long time after they pass.

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