The car stolen from a U.S. citizen in Todos Santos was recovered

The Todos Santos Police yesterday attended the report of the theft of a vehicle in the "La Calera" neighborhood.

They interviewed the victim, named Roger, 75 years old, who told police officers that he had gone to do some shopping at downtown and when he returned home his red Toyota pickup wasn't in the garage.

He gave all the details to the local police and asked them to help him locate his vehicle.

In the afternoon the police officers after searching through roads, neighborhoods and in alleys, managed to locate Roger's car near the bridge on the road to Los Cabos.

Happy, the owner of the pick up went to the place where they found him and thanked the police officers who participated.

Roger did not want to report the facts to the State Attorney's Office, since he only wanted to have his vehicle back at home.

In Todos Santos and El Pescadero the community of foreigners are often victims of robberies that never have a solution. That's the true.

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