#Unstoppable Los Cabos: 9 new flights from the United States!

Los Cabos is the fastest growing recreational center in Mexico and today it is being announced through its tourism office that this year 2020 will receive 9 new flights from the United States.

Luis Araiza Lopez, head of the tourism office of the Baja California Sur government, reports that four new routes will connect Los Cabos with Nashville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

The remaining flights are activated for this season from Atlanta, Saint Louis, Milwakee and Austin.

Another important announcement is that the flight between London and Los Cabos has been very successful so another airline, whose name has not been revealed, is scheduling a new route from Europe.

Araiza Lopez recalled that Loreto has connectivity with Calgary through the company WestJet, which maintains good numbers of occupied seats.

This is all thanks to the efforts of the Baja California Sur government under the direction of Carlos Mendoza Davis and the Local Tourism Promotion Trust (Fideicomiso de Promocion Turistica).

In addition, this year 2020 the main tourist centers of Baja California Sur are receiving visitors like never before via cruises from the state of California and the new Sea of Cortez route with the Astoria.

(Medios Digitales del Pacífico).

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  2. Carlos Mendoza Davis and the rest of his crew forgot that that La Paz is the capital of bajasur ... and has no international flights... La Paz is nicer than cabo will ever be. Its about time he get to work!!