U.S. Military Exercises over Baja California Airspace

Residents of Rosarito were very concerned when they heard a series of bursts in the sky without finding a logical explanation for what was happening.

What they mention is that the explosions make the windows and walls of their homes vibrate.

These explosions are caused by U.S. Air Force planes training over the coastline from Rosarito to southern Ensenada.

The planes, which take on supersonic speeds, pass about 48 miles off the coast.

"Loud thunder was heard in the sky, which made windows and walls vibrate," are part of the testimonies of Rosarito residents, released last Friday, the 21st, at 2:33 PM.

This is a Canadian company known as Discovery Air Defense Services, which carries out the training of pilots, according to the information on the FLIGHT RADAR 24 page, which coincides with the times that the sonic booms have been heard.

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