73% ask to stop construction of Constellation Brands in Mexicali

The actions of Constellation Brands, a company that has the rights to produce and market the brands of Model group in the United States, they fall 10.22 percent at noon on Monday, and reach a value of $ 107.47 per share.

Thus, it presents its lowest value in the last five years, according to data from Bloomberg.

This occurs after the denial of the inhabitants of Mexicali, Baja California, for the construction of the brewery.

During the morning conference, the undersecretary of Democratic Development, Social Participation and Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Diana Álvarez, reported that 76.1 percent of the people who voted in Mexicali on the construction of the firm’s beer plant were against it, out of a total of 36,781 people.

“With regard to these results, as a consequence, Conagua will no longer issue the corresponding permits that were pending for the operation of the plant, and the federal government will immediately contact the company to seek options to correct the damage. “

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