A man stole a car with a woman expat inside!

A big police chase occurred this morning in La Paz when a guy stole a car with an American expat woman in it.

It was at 9 a.m. when a resident of the American colony arrived with his wife to make the payment of the bill in the local water downtown office.

While he was going to make the payment, he left his wife in the Volkswagen Vento car, when suddenly the suspect appeared and took the opportunity to get into the vehicle and run away.

When her husband noticed, he immediately notified the city police, which triggered an immediate search of the car with the woman in it.

A few blocks from the scene, the thief pulled the 71 years old woman out of the automobile. She is reported to have been unharmed.

A broad search was made by the cops, who observed the vehicle they reported on the road to El Centenario, so a chase was initiated.

Minutes later, they were able to intercept the suspect on the road to San Juan de la Costa, where he could be captured.

He identified himself as Luis Alberto (21 years old), who had just arrived from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Was arrested and taken to the attorney general's office to be charged with the crime.

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