Air Canada Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing At SF International

An Air Canada flight returned to San Francisco International Airport Sunday shortly after take-off, making an emergency landing and quickly evacuating the 71 passengers aboard using the plane’s emergency slides, officials said.

Air Canada said the plane — Air Canada Express JAZZ flight 8839 to Vancouver — had taken off as scheduled from SFO at 8:18 a.m. But the Canadair Regional twin engine jet’s crew almost immediately reported smoke in the cockpit and a lavatory.

Flight 8839 to Vancouver encountered difficulties shortly after takeoff on Sunday, with smoke detectors sounding the alarm from the lavatory at the rear of the plane. As is standard procedure, air traffic control ordered the plane to turn around immediately, and eyewitnesses recorded the evacuation and immediate aftermath.

The plane was met on the runway by airport fire trucks and emergency service crews as passengers used the exits above the wings to disembark, before jumping down to the tarmac below. One person sustained a minor ankle injury in the evacuation.

The FAA is investigating the incident.

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