Alaska and Volaris airplanes crashed with birds when landing at Loreto airport

There are already two occasions when birds crash with airplanes in the north and south of Loreto International Airport, according to a recent report released.

These are buzzards that prowl around clandestine garbage dumps that are on the route of aircraft ascent and descent.

On February 18, an Alaska Airlines plane was hit by a buzzard during landing maneuvers.

A similar incident occurs on March 3, when another buzzard hit the nose of the Volaris plane and caused severe damage to its radar system, so passengers in transit had to wait for the company to send another aircraft.

Antonio Landeros, airport commander, said that a buzzard can cause severe damage and endanger the aircraft if it is sucked into a turbine.

They ask the municipal government of Loreto, to pay more attention to the clandestine dumps near the airport, especially where there are remains of shellfish that are consumed by these carrion birds.

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