Baja California Sur remains a CoVid-19 virus-free zone to this day

There is good news for local residents and visitors, as of this Wednesday morning, March 18, no cases of the coronavirus have been reported in the entire state, as announced by the health office in its daily website updates.

However, sanitary filters have been installed at all airports and ports of arrival for passenger and cargo ships in La Paz and Santa Rosalia.

On the transpeninsular highway, a sanitary inspection filter has been installed in the army's motorist inspection zone north of San Ignacio.

The governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announced yesterday that any suspected case of the virus should be called to 911 and from there the health office will send a medical team to your home to collect samples and make recommendations.

Today, the springbreak season has concluded in all the tourist centers of the state and we are entering Phase-II of social distancing, so there will no longer be massive gatherings of any kind, in addition to the cancellation of public shows and sporting events.

The Catholic Church has also announced restriction measures such as the cancellation of Sunday Mass and instruction for devotees to maintain social distance in their weekly homilies.

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  1. This is 100% False, there was a confirmed case last week in La Paz. The news was suppressed becuse the family feared being shamed, and the infected patient flew to Guadalajara. While they were in La Paz, they very likely spread it to others and it will be another 5-9 days before those individuals show symptoms and may or may not be tested and may or may not report it.

    Spreading mis-information like this leads to a false sense of security, and that leads to complacency, and that leads to more disease spread. People should stay the F home, it's the only proven way to stop the spread.