COVID-19: La Paz City Police will make sure people don't leave their homes

The recommendation to stay at their homes will be taken seriously by La Paz police officers, who will use loudspeakers to break up any type of meeting on beaches, parks and along the streets of La Paz, Los Barriles and Todos Santos.

Crowds of people will be avoided in the context of the Covid-19 emergency.

A similar announcement was made in Ciudad Constitucion, where from 8 p.m. no one will be allowed on the streets.

According to the local website CORONAVIRUS, there are already two confirmed cases in La Paz and eight in Los Cabos.

If you suspect a disease, you should call 800COVIDBCS or notify 911. The health office will send doctors to homes to treat the sick and do the tests.

Cases requiring hospitalization are handled immediately.

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