From England, Eduardo Freemont brought the CORONAVIRUS to Los Cabos

On Saturday, March 14, the wedding between Eduardo Freemont and Francesca DeBergue O´Shaughness took place in the Costa Azul neighborhood, in front of the sea, which was the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak in the municipality of Los Cabos.

According to an investigation published by METROPOLI, the coronavirus carrier Eduardo Freemont infected his new wife and it is feared that several of the 200 guests at the party may be exposed to the virus.

These are the first two cases of the covid-19 that were detected at the San Jose del Cabo hospital H+ and are part of the official statistics of the Baja California Sur health office.

Other wedding attendees announced that they voluntarily confined themselves to their homes in quarantine, to wait 15 days, on medical advice.

There is also concern from employees who worked as waiters, bartenders and chefs for that party, all residents of Los Cabos, who are also in mandatory quarantine.

Eduardo Freemont is from England and his new wife Francesca DeBergue O´Shaughness from the United States. Both are in home isolation with the symptoms of the virus. Their health status is stable.

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  1. Get you facts straight and do some proper research first! This is so beyond wrong. Shame on you!

  2. Hey, California Hoy USA, are you run by fifteen year old girls? What is with the public shaming of a person who is a victim of this terrible virus? Inferior reporting and shows no integrity. Shame on you.