La Paz closes gyms and movie theaters starting today

La Paz Mayor Ruben Muñoz Alvarez said the discovery of a patient with coronavirus in the municipality of Los Cabos has forced him to ban the opening of cinemas and gyms.

Earlier today it was revealed that a patient who arrived in Los Cabos from Miami has covid-19 and because he is asymptomatic was referred to his home where he is under medical surveillance.

Baja California Sur had been preserved as a coronavirus-free state. But this Saturday morning, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis announced that there was already one case in Los Cabos and three more suspects of the disease.

The Municipal Medical Council of La Paz decided to close all bars, nightclubs, cabarets, casinos and cantinas.

Today the mayor Ruben Muñoz announced that he will not allow movie theaters and gyms to be opened as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.

He urged the people of La Paz to stay home from now on.

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