Oahu man who traveled on cruise ship is state’s first case of coronavirus

Hawaii officials on Friday said they have confirmed the state’s first case of the new coronavirus in a man who had been on a cruise ship from California to Mexico that had other infected passengers.

The man fell ill after flying home to Oahu from Mexico after the Grand Princess cruise that was scheduled Feb. 11-21, Deputy State Epidemiologist Sarah Kemble said. He did not have symptoms of the disease while he was traveling home, which means he wasn’t at risk for transmitting the disease to others at the time, Kemble said.

He contacted a doctor and was assessed when he fell ill. He was well enough to go home and has been in isolation there, Kemble said. The man hasn’t had any close contact with anyone in Hawaii since falling ill, she said. He tested positive for the disease on Friday.

They said the patient was asymptomatic when returning to the islands and then had limited contact with anyone else after starting to fell ill.

The person remains in self-quarantine and is “doing well.”

Didn’t the Grand Princess also make stops in Hawaii?

During a voyage in late February, the Grand Princess stopped at four Hawaii ports.

The ship is currently being held off California after 21 people (out of 46 people tested) on that cruise ship tested positive for the coronavirus.

The concern for Hawaii officials: Did any of those people ― or anyone else with coronavirus ― disembark at any island ports?

The state is working to get the manifest for the vessel.

“We are going to be contacting everyone who disembarked from the vessel, asking them to self quarantine and we will be following up to get a detailed history of their activities while they were here,” said state Health Department Director Bruce Anderson.

State officials say the person has had little to no contact with anyone else since exhibiting symptoms, but was out in the community while still asymptomatic.

The man has been identified as a Kaiser Permanente patient.

In a statement, Kaiser said health care workers are monitoring the patient while in self-isolation.

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