Pawn Stars’ Chumlee jokes he has coronavirus as he’s hospitalized for ‘trouble breathing and abdominal pain’

Pawn Stars cast member Austin Russell, better known to fans as Chumlee, was hospitalized Monday in Las Vegas after suffering from severe abdominal pain and having trouble breathing. Chumlee shared a photo from his hospital bed on Instagram, and shared more details in his Instagram Story. At the beginning of one clip, the 37-year-old joked he "probably got coronavirus."

He added in another clip that doctors were still running tests, joking that he might just need to go to the toilet.

"So far all tests are good. they're going to run some more but it looks like I think it looks like I just need a poop," Chumlee quipped.

The 37-year-old later clarified that he didn't think he had coronavirus but was waiting for results from his doctor. He explained that his boss and co-star, Rick Harrison, forced him to go to the hospital after Chum complained of stomach pain and trouble breathing.

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