Special surveillance to supermarkets in Los Cabos

An extensive security device has been established around the main supermarkets in Los Cabos, since they have detected that through social networks there are people who incite to loot them.

In Mexico City malls for a couple of weeks, furniture, jewelry, grocery and electronics stores have been the object of angry crowds that seize products and then flee in different directions. All agree first through Whats App groups.

Yesterday in Cancun, the market known as Bodega Aurrera, was plundered by a group of 20 people who seized various products, mainly electronics.

It is remembered that in September 2014, days after Hurricane Odile, all the supermarkets in Los Cabos were looted.

Today it is feared that due to the emergency situation that is being decreed by the coronavirus, the assaults on supermarkets will be repeated.

Some of the largest supermarkets have been protected by sealing accesses with wooden boards and have police surveillance day and night.

The state government has reported that there is enough food in supermarkets and there will be no shortage. People do not believe.

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