Taxi car ran over and killed an UBER driver in Cabo San Lucas

The dawn of the previous Sunday, a taxi intentionally hit a person who crossed the street near Playa El Medano in the city of Cabo San Lucas.

Due to injuries, the person died at the scene. Fortunately, a surveillance camera recorded the moment the homicide occurred.

The person who died is a UBER driver named Antonio Trejo.

All the chauffeurs of that digital platform, who have had many problems with the taxi drivers of Los Cabos, suspended the service to participate in the funeral of their partner and at the same time, ask that the full weight of the law be applied against the murderer.

Antonio was having fun at Playa El Medano with several friends when he was suddenly hit by a taxi while crossing the street. The video reveals that it was an intentional hit and run.

Today the Attorney General's Office announced that the suspect in the murder of Antonio Trejo was captured.

It is hoped that friction between Uber and taxi drivers in Los Cabos will no longer occur, as no one wants the violence to continue.

Mother of dead young man calls for an end to this war.


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