Two dead in armed attack on Ensenada bar

Yesterday Gael Morales, 27, who was murdered in the Papas and Beer bar in Ensenada, was linked to a drug cartel, and barely had a few days after coming to  this city, sources report. Along with him a young woman died, who had nothing to do with organized crime, and is a "collateral victim" because of the shooting involved her as she sat at another table.

Of the injured, according to official sources consulted, an 18-year-old girl does not present a record nor does she seem to have links to crime, although it was said that her relatives do have a long history of crimes. There were two other injured men, one of whom is said to have been related to the dead narcoenudist, while the injured third party has not developed a criminal record either.

Gael, who died after receiving at least 15 firearms impacts, triggered by two assailants who attacked him at that site.  Gael was the main operator in David Lopez Jiménez's Ensenada, the "Cabo 20" of the Arellano Felix cartel.

 According to sources from the Prosecutor's Office, Gael Morales, who died at the bar, was the victim of two subjects who entered the establishment (and who according to witnesses went to attack him directly).  He was one of the most powerful  narcoenudists operating in Ensenada, while the two women who also received bullet impacts, including Diana González, 18, who lost her life in the hospital.  The injured were only identified as: 34-year-old Christian; Anel, 18 and Alonso 25.

“El Cabo 20” or “El Lobo” moved to Mexicali fleeing the murderers of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), researchers say that since October 2018 he was in the State Capital, where he arrived with  operators of the Sinaloa Cartel.

According to investigations, he maintained contact with his criminal cell electronically and traveling sporadically to Tijuana. Despite trying to keep a low profile, he gained notoriety when on February 6 and 7 some narcomantas were hung on different bridges in Tijuana, in which he and other members of his criminal group allegedly threatened President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the Federal security operation started on February 4 in nine of twelve strategic areas of Tijuana.

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