Woman gives birth in back of an UBER in La Paz!

This Sunday before dawn, police officers on board a patrol car observed that from a vehicle the driver was asking for help on Forjadores Boulevard in the El Mezquitito neighborhood.

It was a driver from Uber who told them that he was carrying a woman in the back seat who was about to give birth. This woman was accompanied by her mother.

When the officers looked at the back seat, the woman had started labor, so they proceeded to help her, while other emergency units were notified.

They received a baby... It was a boy!, who had no major complications at birth.

Once the birth occurred, they asked Uber's driver to take them to the hospital and they escorted them.

At the hospital's emergency room, the doctors on duty reported that the mother and baby were in good health.

Cops and uber's driver hugged happily. Mission accomplished!

The UBER name is: David Solano James
The woman who gave's birth: Victoria Guadalupe González
Cops: Héctor Adrián Vázquez Perez and Francisco Javier Guerrero Olachea

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