Coronavirus: IMSS Cabo San Lucas hospital worker dies

Today it was revealed that a Social Security administrative worker in Cabo San Lucas has died of covid-19, which puts the medical community in Los Cabos and La Paz in a state of sadness.

This is Cinthya Arcelia Martínez Guerrero, 32 years old, who died last night from complications of the coronavirus, after being taken in a serious condition to the IMSS hospital in La Paz.

Cinthya worked at the IMSS hospital in the Las Palmas neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas.

She was an adorable young woman and was recognized by her colleagues, who miss her today and continue to share their feelings of pain through Facebook.

She studied law in the university and her family no longer got to see her because Cinthya was totally isolated when her health condition worsened.

Los Cabos continues to be the place with the most cases of the virus with 109 and in La Paz there are 43, according to the page CORONAVIRUS that reports in real time on the incidences in Baja California Sur.

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