CORONAVIRUS: Cars blockade airport in Cedros Island!

On Cedros Island, which is a coronavirus-free zone, this morning residents decided to go to the airport and block runways 33 and 15 with their cars to prevent the arrival of any aircraft.

Just yesterday it was announced that in the city of Guerrero Negro a person with a covid-19 had been hospitalized and it is the only urban center with direct communication, so they decided to cut it off.

In the same way, the villagers blocked the docks. Only the boats with food and fuel from Exportadora de Sal (ESSA) company will be allowed.

All residents of Cedros Island who have left for vacation are advised that they will not be allowed to return until the situation changes with respect to the coronavirus epidemic.

They remind Gov. Jaime Bonilla to send them the support he promised for the local hospital, where the staff does not have equipment to attend to cases of covid-19.


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