CORONAVIRUS: Mulege Municipality Borders Closed

Today the mayor Felipe Prado gave the order for the total closure of the north and south border of the municipality of Mulege, through the main highway that crosses it.

Such an order can only be made by the federal government, but the urgent need to keep the populations of Mulege free of the coronavirus led the local authority to make that decision.

Not tourists and local residents who went out to other places will be able to return either. They must first undergo a health check to certify them as covid-19-free.

Also no member of the American community is allowed to enter.

He asked Mulege residents not to leave, because they will no longer be able to return.

The municipal president gave orders to the police to stop all cars on the streets, mainly at night. Everyone must be locked in their homes or they will be sent to jail.

The control filter for the northern zone is in Guerrero Negro and the control for the southern zone is in Santa Rosalía.

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