CyberTruck created by Tesla towards the Baja 1000

Elon Musk has surprised when launching through social networks the idea of ​​an official participation of Tesla in competition. And it’s not about Formula E, as you might think, or the future ETCR.

Musk has spoken directly about the Baja 1000 in Baja California, the iconic American off-road competition, to test the possibilities of his Cybertruck. The test has a great media influence in the USA, among other things because aces from IndyCar, Nascar and other celebrities take part in it. In a way it was the pioneer of ‘off-road’ competitions.

The choice seems surprising, but it is quite logical. Tesla’s differential point with competitors has been batteries, where it has permanently innovated and has also chosen to manufacture them ‘at home’ with its gigafactories. And in Formula E, what is apparently more interesting to them, the battery is a common element for everyone.

And it must also be taken into account that due to its dimensions it is a genuinely American pick-up. So much so that in Europe they have wondered if it would be ‘legal’.

The Baja would be a double challenge for Cyberturck. From a part of its genuine off road qualities. On the other, its autonomy in extreme conditions. This is a weak point generally of the eléctricos electric supercars ’that in the‘ thermal ’cars is supplied with a larger tank and stopping for a quick refueling, two penalizing ends for an electric one.

It is true that a couple of years ago the idea of ​​a single-brand competition arose with the Tesla 100 but it was a private initiative, which was not fully launched, but QEV Technologies prepared a ‘prototype at its headquarters in Montmeló ‘of this Tesla S and was even tested in Calafat and in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The championship promoters want to get the idea back and get it going.

Precisely one of these cars will take part this year – if it can be started – in the Portuguese Mountain Championship.


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