Los Cabos American Colony Demands Justice for Adult Woman's Murder

Great outrage has been caused among members of the American colony by the murder of an adult woman who sold cakes among her friends and acquaintances in Cabo San Lucas.

Her name was La Lynn, known as Lawanda, and she was 70 years old.

According to data obtained, Lawanda had been living in the central zone of the port for 27 years and not long ago had suffered robberies in her house, located on Cabo San Lucas Avenue and Francisco I. Madero.

But yesterday at 4:30 a call was received at the emergency numbers, where they said that Lawanda had been found dead in his house. Everything seems to indicate that it was an assault and she was beaten to death.

Friends of Lawanda, who was from San Diego, mentioned that she was a very nice woman, who only made delicious cakes and was active in charity work.

They find no explanation for this horrible crime of Lawanda also known as the "Pie Lady".

Everyone agrees that she was dedicated to helping others, never had any problems with anyone and was recognized by the society of Cabo San Lucas, who enjoyed her baking, especially her carrot cake and Apple Muffin.

They hope that detectives will soon apprehend the person who committed the murder of this good woman.

Our prayers for Lawanda!

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  1. This is just tragic. My condolences from La Paz to her friends and family.

  2. LaWanda was so kind and generous...This is just terribly sad. The area she lived in was good 20 years ago. Lately it is all drugs and drunks... She would not move...she did not believe she was in physical danger... R I P my dear friend.