Police have orders to arrest people on the street without justification - Covid Phase 3

The State Health Council has determined that the regulations are to be strictly enforced and orders have been given to the police in all cities of Baja California Sur to arrest and fine  people who are caught on the streets without any justification.

In the same way, the order of one person per car will be monitored in all cities.

In Baja California Sur, we've entered phase 3 of the coronavirus epidemic. For that reason, the police will be watching to make sure that people are not on the streets.

In addition, all non-essential businesses have closed their doors because of the quarantine.

Helps us to prevent further contagion. We should all be at home.

Governor Carlos Mendoza made the statement that he would be tightening up the measures for the emergency of the coronavirus epidemic with the following ordinances:

  • All non-essencial activities are going to be suspended until May 30.
  • Transit will be restricted to one person per vehicle, and only allowing those that meet the requirements established for essential activities and special dispensations.
  • There will be Zero tolerance for those that leave their homes without justification.
  • The use of a face mask is mandatory for anyone who leave their homes with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Those who do not comply with these norms will be arrested (for up to 36 hours) and fined. Those that cannot pay the fine will perform community services for three days (transporting food to vulnerable groups, cleaning health centers and hospitals, and similar activities related to this contingency).
  • The security forces at the municipal, state and federal level will oversee the observance of these norms.

The picture is of dowtown Cabo San Lucas.

Real-time coronavirus information for Baja California Sur, see the page CORONAVIRUS BCS.

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