Six people injured in Mi-26 helicopter crash landing in Siberia (VIDEO)

Six people have been injured in the crash landing of the Mi-26 helicopter on the Yamal Peninsula on Saturday, the press service of the Ural Transport Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee informed.

"According to preliminary data, six people have been injured," the press service stated.

Earlier, a source in the emergency services informed that the crash could have taken place due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The video shows the chopper slowly approaching the landing zone. But for some reason the pilot couldn’t quite control the rotorcraft, with its tail seemingly hitting the ground and getting broken off. With the torque of the main rotor no longer in check, the rest of the body went into a spin and tilted, destroying the rotor blades.

The incident happened on Saturday in the hydrocarbon-rich Yamal region in northwestern Siberia. According to local authorities, the Mi-26 had three crew members and five passengers on board. All of them were injured in the crash and four had to be taken to hospital – but luckily none were killed.

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