Beer sales announced via Facebook and police officers arrived

Today the La Paz police made a large seizure of beer that was to be sold clandestinely among customers who were summoned via Facebook by the owner of the product, which was placed in a warehouse in  Diana Laura neighborhood.

When the Civil Protection authorities realized the notice, they went to the announced address where they observed a trailer truck where several individuals were unloading the beer and a large crowd of people who were buying it.

The price of each can of beer ranged from 35 to 45 pesos.

For that reason it was determined to put a stop to the sale and all the cargo was confiscated by the Municipal Police and the Civil Protection office, despite the fact that the owners of the shipment have authorization to market it. The fine will be applied to him for promoting the agglomeration of people in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The residents complained about this measure, since for several days there has been a shortage of beer in the entire Baja California peninsula.

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