Coronavirus: Baja is entering the first two critical weeks

The president of the Los Cabos business community, Julio Castillo Gomez, asked the authorities to be more severe with the people who are found without justification on the streets of all the cities of Baja California Sur, because we are entering the first two most critical weeks of the covid-19 epidemic.

Interviewed by the media, he said that isolation measures for all residents must be tightened to flatten the infection curve.

In Los Cabos, we don't want to repeat stories that have affected other cities around the world in terrible ways, so it is important that people stay in their homes.

Julio Castillo Gomez said that this is a "strong and real call, since these two weeks are essential to take precautionary measures to avoid infections, otherwise tragedies will be envisioned for the municipality".

The municipality of Los Cabos has the highest number of coronavirus infections with 112, while in La Paz there are 66, in Comondu 8 and in Mulege 4.

To consult information in real time of the coronavirus: GOVERNMENT'S OFFICIAL PAGE.

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