Crashed through the door of a historic church

Today at dawn, in the port of Santa Rosalía, a woman driving at high speed crashed a Ford Mustang car into the door of St. Barbara's Church, which is considered a historical monument design by Frenchman Gustave Eiffel.

The impact was reported at 2:30 AM and when police officers arrived at the scene, they found only the car abandoned and some minor damage to the main door of the Church located on Altamirano Street.

Witnesses mentioned to the police that moments before they had observed the same Ford Mustang being driven at high speed by a woman on Carranza Avenue

The vehicle was removed to start investigations on its owner and the woman who, according to witnesses, was driving it moments before the accident.

State Civil Protection Director Carlos Godínez, posted the photos on Facebook.

Esta madrugada en la Iglesia Santa Barbara, de #SantaRosalia #BCS, se presentó este incidente, afortunadamente no se...
Publicado por Carlos Alfredo Godinez León en Domingo, 10 de mayo de 2020

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