Fire near Los Cabos airport... Out-of-control people occupying lands!

The situation is getting out of control in San Jose del Cabo, after about 300 people came to invade land near the international airport and taking advantage of the fact that the authorities are busy attending to the emergency of the coronavirus epidemic, they set fire to large areas of ground to take illegal possession of them.

Things are already getting out of control for the authorities and this could be the beginning of chaos scenarios as people are not obeying and are getting desperate.

In similar occupations they said that they were unemployed people who had no place to live, so they were taking over other people's land.

What is happening today near Los Cabos International Airport is a clear abuse, as people arrived with heavy machinery and all in cars to destroy the vegetation of the place without any permission.

These are lands owned by the ejido.

The police could not attend to the calls and the firemen only arrived to put out the flames.

Since 2007, there has not been a land invasion this big in Los Cabos.

The owners of the land had already called the police the week before, when they became aware that several people intended to enter the area violently.

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