He believes he's about to find treasure in Baja!

Antonio is a person who lives in the rural San José del Cabo, and he likes very much to explore  around the place where he resides, in an area that leads to the town of San Felipe.

Exactly one month ago, on one of his walks under the intense Los Cabos sun, he found this coin dated 1805.

Although it is not exactly an object of very high material value, it is too rare that the coin was in that place, since first of all, because of the date of minting, Mexico did not yet exist as a country, but it was the viceroyalty of New Spain.

At that time Carlos IV was the King of Spain.

The San Jose del Cabo mission was founded in 1730, but the use of coins at that time was not widespread, so Antonio's theory is that it is part of a pirate treasure that may be hidden not far from the site where he made the find.

It is recalled that the ships of that time were supplied with fresh water in the estuary of San José del Cabo, where they were sometimes attacked by pirates.

Another theory is that the coin is part of a larger shipment of merchandise that may have been hidden from the Chilean pirates who attacked San José del Cabo in 1822 to destroy the archives of the Catholic mission and ransack the town's homes.

That's why Antonio doesn't lose hope and continues his walks in search of more clues about this strange find.

He says that if he manages to find a treasure, he will make it available to the authorities, because he will not trade in objects that belong to the history of ancient California.

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