Todos Santos becomes the epicenter of coronavirus infection

There is concern in the community, because the number of coronavirus infections among residents has increased, with 13 positive, 5 negative and 1 recovered.

The municipal delegate, Roberto Palacios, was the one who informed the residents of the first case on May 8. Since then he has called on all residents to maintain security measures.

Now the Todos Santos Citizens' Council has expressed its concern about the high number of infections in so few days and is asking the health office to activate a control plan, because so far they have done nothing.

The community of Todos Santos does not have hospital facilities to attend to cases of covid-19. All patients are sent to the capital.

They are sad because since the first case of coronavirus was announced, many residents have not observed the measures of healthy distance and have continued with parties, family gatherings and meetings on the beach.

That is why it is urgent to activate a protective shield as soon as possible.

Do not attend or spread fake news. The Todos Santos's Citzen's Council has declared state of emergency!

¡¡ATENCIÓN!! 🆘️Estado de Emergencia en Todos Santos.🆘️ OJO hay un fuerte brote de COVID -19 en Todos Santos. No se ve...

Publicado por ConsejoCiudadano TodosSantos en Domingo, 24 de mayo de 2020

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  1. The virus does not hurt healthy people. In England 88% of the deaths are people in nursing homes and all have vitamin D deficiency. Get outside. Take sun, breathe fresh salt air, and it will pass. Every doctor I know in the US believes the way this process is being handled is dead wrong. The media fans the flames and scares the people. Staying inside down-regulated the immune system.