American expat robbed in front of his wife in Todos Santos

An armed assault took place yesterday afternoon in Todos Santos, on the corner of Obregon and Cuauhtémoc streets, in front of the business known as El Arco tools.

According to the first report, the victim was driving his car when suddenly two vehicles blocked his way. Several guys pretending to be police officers came down to ask Dave for his documents and his U.S. driver's license.

When he got out of the vehicle he was handcuffed with both hands and his belongings placed in the trunk of his car. They appeared to be looking for something, possibly drugs.

But it turns out neither Dave nor his wife are drug users.

Since they were not successful, these guys left, but they took their victim's wallet with the amount of 4,000 pesos.

Those affected by this robbery ask for help in identifying the perpetrators.

It should be noted that Dave is in poor health because of this attack.

The magic village has lost its peace and quiet. Its residents must be on the lookout for this kind of life-threatening abuse. The authority is very weak to act and to put order.

#OJO #PuebloSinLey #PuebloTragico #TodosSantos Hace una hora, 2 picaps de la policia detuvieron a unos conocidos...

Publicado por TodosSanteña Nuñez en Lunes, 22 de junio de 2020

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  1. This story is incorrect. Seems it was twisted from the wife's words in a FB post, who clearly wrote that she was not with her husband. That's not journalism.

  2. It's also not known that the men who robbed him were fake police officers, it's currently being investigated.