BCS Community Alliance Signs Collaboration Agreement with Mulege Municipality

Los Cabos, BCS.  – The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) continues to work to bring food aid to families in need in Baja California Sur. This weekend the Alliance (BCSCA) signed a collaboration agreement with the municipality of Mulegé in the spirit of humanitarian aid, which is the core value driving the Alliance's efforts. This agreement will make it possible to make a common and solidary front to the needs of the people in vulnerable situation; and will make it possible to respond in a coordinated and  transparent way to the needs of the families that have been affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

This weekend Mulegé’s Mayor José Felipe Prado Bautista, accompanied by the Municipal Government’s Secretary General, Ramiro González Navarro, met with Francisco Javier Martínez, Ramón Alvarado and Christian Zavala, representatives of the Community Alliance in Vizcaíno, to sign the agreement. After this meeting, Christina Zavala, Statewide Training Coordinator for the Alliance gave the training in bio-safety and georeferencing to the volunteers who immediately began the distribution of the food packages (despensas).

The Alliance has detected 8,000 families in need of food aid in the municipality of Mulegé, of which 3,442 have received help from the state authorities. The coordinated effort of the Alliance with Mulegé’s municipal authorities, will allow more families to get help. The goal is for the 4,558 families who need food aid to receive it. This weekend food aid was delivered in Heroica Mulegé, Santa Rosalía, Vizcaino and the Northern Pacific area. The Alliance's commitment is to continue offering this support for the next two months.

The Baja California Sur Community Alliance (BCSCA) continues to work to bring food aid to families in need in Baja California Sur. The Alliance's commitment is to support 40,000 families during the months of the crisis caused by the presence of COVID-19 in our state. This is possible thanks to the tireless work of all the volunteers and armed forces personnel from the State’s Safety Board who carry the despensas to the areas receiving aid across Baja California Sur.

As of May 29, the Alliance has delivered 54,590 despensas in the municipalities of La Paz, Los Cabos and Comondú. This number does not reflect the despensas  that were delivered this weekend in the municipality of Mulegé. The Alliance (BCSCA) operates under a principle of absolute transparency, for which it has established a permanent audit by Kreston BSG, an accounting firm backed by an international firm, affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants. To guarantee that all donations are being used correctly. For  BCSCA it is of utmost importance to work under the principles of transparency and accountability to society.

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