Beer sales are back in Los Cabos and La Paz

Since the previous Saturday, when long lines of beer buyers were observed in convenience stores, the sale of this product has been normalized after the establishments were supplied.

It is still reported that there is a shortage in some OXXO & Circle K stores, but slowly they are starting to sell beer cans at an average price of $16 pesos each, after just a week ago in the black market was quoted up to $40 pesos.

The coronavirus epidemic is still in phase three, which is the most contagious among people.

Authorities have warned that they will not relax the measures of healthy distance, nor will they allow families to go to beaches or organize parties with music.

Isolation instruction in their homes continues for all residents of Baja California Sur.

Only part of the bureaucracy, the construction workers and the mine workers have returned to the activity as of Monday.

For more updated information on the epidemic, see the CORONAVIRUS BCS page.

Felicidades Paceños, les envidioooo!!! Pero no hagan compras de pánico, seguirán llegando las chelas! Dejen algo para los Choyeros!!! 🤣😂😍😍

Publicado por David Flores en Martes, 2 de junio de 2020

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