Extras who participated in Troy filming in Cabo San Lucas set will meet

The Los Cabos Film Club, made a call on its Facebook page to bring together local residents (known as choyeros) who participated as extras in the filming of the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and Peter O'Toole in the summer of 2003.

To this purpose, it held a contest where prizes will be awarded to the best photographs of the beach set, where the Priam King's palace was built.

More than 500 residents of Los Cabos and La Paz participated as soldiers from the Trojan and Greek armies, who shared a two-month period.

The Greek seafront encampment was filmed at Playa El Faro Viejo (Old Lighthouse Beach), a couple of miles west of Cabo San Lucas itself.

After most of the filming was completed, the walls of ‘Troy’ were substantially damaged by Hurricane Marty in September 2003. With the climactic fight between Achilles and Hector still to shoot, the entire ‘gates of Troy’ set had to be rebuilt.

Since last week, they have been sharing photographs and anecdotes while filming this movie that had its world premiere in 2004.

In the comments, say the extras who received very good pay, excellent food, some were transported from the sports unit in San Jose del Cabo to the film set, where the work journey was extended all day.

The most complicated part, they mention, was using the soldiers' suits and the intense summer heat of Los Cabos.

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