Good news: Green Angels are back on the Baja roads!

The Mexican federal government at the beginning of last week removed the Green Angels from the highways of Baja, due to heavy spending cuts in the Ministry of Tourism so it can no longer sustain the activity of helping people with mechanical failures in their cars.

But at the last minute, it is announced that the Green Angels will return to the roads, after there was a change of plans, because it is known that they do help many people, especially tourists.

Now they will only be on duty on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It used to be every day.

In addition, the gasoline supply to each unit will be reduced, so their routes will be shorter. They will have ten liters less gas.

The important issue is that we will have them back at least three days a week helping people on the transpeninsular highway.

Last year during the Easter holiday period, the Green Angels helped 333 people with mechanical failures in their cars on highways in Baja California Sur.

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  1. Our knucklehead president has no idea how helpful and necessary Green Angeles are for all drivers.