Green Angels Gone from Baja Roads

Perhaps you, as a traveler on the highways of Baja, once had a mechanical breakdown in your vehicle and were helped by the famous Green Angels.

There is bad news on the subject, as the road assistance service is suspended as of this month, due to budget cuts ordered by President Lopez Obrador.

David Ortega Castro, head of the Green Angels in La Paz, said the federal government cut 75 percent of the budget for the Tourism Ministry and no longer had money for this world-renowned highway rescue corporation.

Today the vehicles and tools of the Green Angels, are stored in warehouses and workers were concentrated in offices awaiting further instructions.

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  1. That's too bad we were helped one time by the green angels hope hope they get the money needed to continue their good deeds God bless

  2. Green angels were the reason I felt safe to visit Baja. Might have to wait now.