Los Cabos will recover in December at 70 percent!

It is announced that the tourism sector in Los Cabos can recover to 70 percent by next December, if all health protocols are met. That is why three promotional campaigns have been implemented in what is already the opening of the first hotels and restaurants.

At the offices of the Business  Council of Los Cabos, President Julio Castillo Gomez, reported that there is good news because the same businessmen are already financing the advertising campaigns both in Mexico and abroad.

The period known as the "new normality" has begun

It is expected that by July, there will be a 30 percent recovery, to reach 70 percent in December and by 2021 achieve the high levels that were seen before the coronavirus pandemic.

 Bisbee's  Fishing tournaments were also announced:

"East Cape" will take place on Aug. 4-8, "Offshore" on Oct. 15-18, and "Bisbee's Black and Blue" on Oct. 20-24. Each tournament could have 1 million USD in prizes.

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